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The How We Treat Colon and Rectal Cancer Podcast's fourth episode will focus on a recent case involving complications due to a patient's age and frailty. The medical experts joining us will be Dr. Nadine Jackson McCleary and Dr. John Saltzman.  

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Episode #3: Colorectal Cancer and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

Episode #3 of the podcast is now available. 

Join your hosts as they explore a case of upper rectal cancer involving colitis and IBD. This episode's guests are Dr. Joshua Korzenik and Dr. Harvey Mamon. To see references mentioned in and relating to the discussion, visit the Episode Library page on this blog.

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Episode #2: Rectal Cancer Imaging

In this episode, Dr. Bleday and Dr. Meyerhardt explore the use of imaging during the treatment of a rectal cancer patient. Dr. Michael Rosenthal joins us to discuss this crucial (yet complicated) tool for colorectal cancer doctors.

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Episode #1: Post Operative Chemotherapy

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In our first episode, Dr. Marios Giannakis joins Ronald Bleday for a discussion on the treatment of a colorectal cancer patient involving the use of chemotherapy after rectal cancer surgery. 

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